Salzburg: Reliving the Sound of Music

Posted by iWanderWhy | September 17, 2014 | Europe

Salzburg offers two very different sort of musical experiences – Mozart and The Sound of Music.

Salzburg is Mozart. You will find him everywhere – keychains, seals, books, pens, chocolates, magnets, you name it. I got so caught up with the hype around Mozart, I forced M to sign up for a Mozart concert the same evening. Of course I realized later that night, as I craned my neck over a sea of white-haired and very wise group of people, that the average age was far greater than mine. M and I were quickly bored, I apologized, and we finally resolved to sitting in the last row taking pictures/selfies and looking out of the window longingly. One hour seemed like forty!

The second legacy is the Sound of Music, which was filmed in this town. A movie that is special for all those whose childhood involved playing it on repeat, songs which we knew backwards, when Austria seemed like another enchanting world! To experience the Sound of Music, you can take a special guided tour by bus, or sign up to bicycle 12 miles around Salzburg passing by key sights.

M and I were waiting outside the beautiful Mirabell Palace Garden gates at 9 am the next morning. Looking for our cycling guide. I told her we’ll have a guide dressed like Fruelin Maria singing songs, waving her guitar and walking up briskly.

A very athletic Chilean student guide in shorts walked up casually. M raises an eyebrow – really?!

After the snoozy Mozart concert and no Fraulein Maria guide, I have a lot to prove over the next 12 miles. Hope this guy is good.

I managed to redeem myself. This is one of the best things to do in Salzburg!  It’s 12 miles of little lanes with bushes overflowing with roses, of cobbled paths with different views, of Salzburg history, its quirky art installations, old beer taverns, cathedrals and convents, cemeteries, bridges, lakes and gardens. In four hours, we sped down hills, stopped on the street side to eat stuffed pretzels, and raced each other.

So this is what it was about. The bike ride is not about going and seeing the Von Trapp residence, or Maria’s convent.

It was reliving their life all over again.


#IWanderWhy Recommends

  • Best time to travel: The summer months are ideal for walking/bicycling around Salzburg.
  • Ideal Duration:
    • 2- days. Try not to stay focused in the busy village/town center. There’s a lot to explore when you go beyond.
    • Buy the Salzburg card for discounts and free access to all key sights and museums
  • Must Do’s: 

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