Escaping the city life: Blue Mountains from Sydney

Posted by iWanderWhy | October 2, 2014 | Australia

The leaves were turning golden red, the sun was setting earlier than usual. We were in Sydney at a time when Fall was in full glory and winter was waiting to get in. We had a weekend to spare away from our busy city sightseeing, but this wasn’t the time to head to the beach. Our Sydney-side friends whom we were staying with suggested the Blue Mountains. Misty, magical blue mountains – where there’s always a blue haze because of eucalyptus oil in the air.

Saturday morning, all bags packed five of us set off. We’re told it’s a short drive away – not more than a couple of hours. Along the way, we see wild horses, and amusing “Roo” (Kangaroo) signs. Our route is simple –we first head to the Jenolan caves, and then to a quaint property we’ve booked at the Leura village.

Days are short, so we need to make the most of our time and the sunshine. Our drive out of Sydney is quick, with only one pit stop. Once we enter the Blue Mountains area, the air is much cooler and crisper, the roads are calmer. We check out the famous Jenolan caves – limestone stalactites, stalagmites….”one drop takes 4 years to form”…i can hear the tour guide talking. My mind wanders, I imagine the stalactites taking on different forms and those turn into scary faces. Eeek.

V and I are totally caved out. This is probably our fourth caving experience and we have enough knowledge now to conduct a little tour of our own J

The evening chill begins to get in when we reach the Leura village in the Blue Mountains area. This rustic property is fantastic, and deserves a detailed description: The Old Leura was originally a dairy complex, later lying abandoned and dilapidated. The complex was then refurbished and turned into a charming rural getaway for city folks. There are six restored, self-catering cottages. We stayed at The Worker’s Cottage which has a fully setup kitchen,  two bedrooms with the softest linen, a cosy living area with a wood fireplace, music system with a music collection, and a treasure trove of books and games. There’s even a hot tub outside for our use. Bliss.

And so we spend the rest of the weekend walking around the Leura village, shopping at boutiques, eating, and opening many bottles of wine in warm evenings as the fireplace crackled and glowed.

A perfect weekend retreat and a different slice of Sydney life!


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  • Where to stay: This post covered the Old Luera Dairy( which is about 1.5 hrs driving from Sydney. As I mentioned, there are six self-catering cottages. You will need to book well in advance to secure a reservation.
  • Ideal Duration: A long weekend getaway (2-3 days) is perfect

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